21st Century Tenement

Posted on May 24, 2013 by Christy Cole

Briggs & Cole commenced a refurbishment project at the start of 2013 which resulted in two very unique bedrooms for a 19th Century Glasgow Tenement flat. The main objective was to maximise floor space, increase storage and improve views. A major contributing factor to the success of this particular project was to integrate additional space within the room as previously it wasn't wide enough to walk round the bed -  so by taking the wall back to the stonework it solved this problem. Along with the unveiling of a beautiful sandstone fireplace, we discovered a 1980's Irn Brew can and lots of dust.

These images are of the first bedroom refurbishment and include some of the details in the stonework which we felt were important to keep. We left the holes in the stonework and original embedded metalwork fragments of the victorian fireplace which would have originally heated the bedroom. 

More information to follow soon regarding the second bedroom refurbishment.



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