Special Projects

Do you have an idea that you would like to develop and take forward? We oversee production to create one-of-a-kind pieces for clients. We provide options and presentations in a timely manner to respond to client needs – including furnishings, objects, centerpieces, artwork, installations, and special commissions. Each project is tailored to fit our client’s needs and aesthetic direction and yields outstanding results. From concept to implementation, we are happy to work on proposals in order to make commissioned pieces that fit all your needs and requirements. For comprehensive details of previous projects executed for clients please get in touch

Installation Views, Stallan-Brand Office-Studio, Glasgow 

Décollé is a collection of site specific collage works in response to a former police training centre based in the Laurieston area of Glasgow. Now a refurbished HQ for Stallan-Brand Architecture+Design, Briggs & Cole were invited by the firm to utilise the inaugural exhibition space to present new contextual pieces. We sought out inspiration from within the many different spaces of the site to create relevant designs in line with the building and history. In particular, emphasis was focused on the original layout plans of the buildings design, which included a basement firing range.

Four new works produced consist of a locker cabinet, an object shelf, and two new collages. A previously shown large dining/ boardroom table designed by the duo is also presented in context with the works.

The designs in this particular collection appropriate the un-picking and re-layering system of surface material and the potential new meaning these layers present as witness of a particular process. The collages in Décollé derives from décollage, and take on an almost archeological character which is seen as a means of uncovering historical information. The new works could be described as ‘posters’, ripped and secreted in the manner of authentic artworks as aesthetic objects and social documents.



Above Top: Two Collage 'Posters' for the Translucent Window Installation, Graphical House, Glasgow Top: Exterior View Bottom: Reverse Interior View


First designs for a new auditory project. More details to emerge within the coming months.

Detail of a new textile design piece inspired by Miami, USA. 



Detail of 'Taper', limited edition silk scarf design by Briggs & Cole. More Information on this design and the whole 'No Wave No Line' collection via L'Arco Baleno  


3/5 Table,  Caesura Exhibition, Reid Gallery, Glasgow School of Art


3/5 Vase - Caesura Exhibition, Reid Gallery, Glasgow School of Art

This bespoke vase was designed as part of a special collection for the exhibition Caesura, Reid Gallery, Glasgow School of Art. The glass piece was created in collaboration with Matthew Durran and Jon Lewis, bespoke glass makers based in London. The design was created by using proportions of the Mackintosh stairwell steps which can also be seen in varying proportions in the Reid building. The gesture, or relationship of the flower arrangement in the self designed glass vase references both Holl & MacKintosh, and each architects symbiotic relationship to the study of organic forms within nature - albeit abstracted. The flowers / plants are especially hand selected in direct reference to the native Scottish Heather which can be found in the biodiversity system within the Reid building.



3/5 Mirror with detail, Caesura Exhibition, Reid Gallery, Glasgow School of Art
Silk Fabric 3/5 - Caesura Exhibition, Reid Gallery, Glasgow School of Art

The hanging silk fabric depicts the five sections of the main collage which was created for the exhibition. Collage spaces are arranged in plan and section for inspiring everyday working environments. These include measurements of ‘Golden sections’, planting, ecosystems and interior spaces, alluding to the "driven voids of light" which allow for the integration of structure, spatial modulation and light.


More information can be found here


Limited Edition Frederic Textile Garment for Design Junction

Bespoke Cue wallpaper piece and mirror table for Design Junction



Losango Table

LINE - Straight-line impact. SQUARE - Impact of a square. RHOMBUS -Impact of a losango. 


The bespoke table design was created by incorporating a special collage image embedded into glass. The panel is supported by a unique powder coated steel frame which can be dismantled for transportation. The piece explores the timeless notion of geometric fractal pattern seen through the lens of the ‘arabesque.’ (The Arabesque refers to the geometric themes and elements found in Islamic art and architecture). Each signature diamond shape is layered and repeated akin to a tile or a harlequin form.


 Textus Haus, Wall Design 


Private Commission Wall Mural 01

"The join between the two pictures brings your eye up to the surface again and creates a dialectic that is always enjoyed and learned from painting...a dialectic from depth and flatness, sometimes I hide it sometimes I don’t." Jeff Wall 1979

The mural depicts the exploration of collage, interiors and architectural space. From left to right abstract images in grid-like fashion are carefully repeated and overlaid, essentially interwoven through notions of representation, aesthetics, popular culture and the ‘everyday’.